I’m guessing you’re thinking about getting married pretty soon…but I sense you’re not sure on the best location.

You’ve been through it with your partner, you’ve talked to your friends and family about it, it’s probably kept you awake at night…you’re trying to make everyone happy…you’re a kind soul. But do you know what? It’s your big daylovely people, andthere is a reason you’ve stumbled across this blog…the universe wants you to think about yourself for a change, let’s try being a little selfish for a bit…the universe wants you to get married in Spain!

Yep, you heard (read) me correctly…Spain! Honestly guys! I am not really sure why you would want to get married anywhere else.

You think I’m mental (or drunk)…you wouldn’t be the first person to think such a thing, but I can assure you I am neither.

You’ll need some persuading of course…you’re not the kind of person who’ll go off on a whim and take the first crazy suggestiona stranger throws at you!

I get you, I really do…you don’t even know my name for crying out loud! (Its Kay by the way)…So now we have been properly introduced, please take a few minutes to hear MY top 5 reasons to get married in this beautiful country.


Spain is only a short plane ride away guys…in just over two hours you can be in the land of sunshine and sangria! Afraid of flying? No worries, just come by boat! Yeah, it takes ages and you’ll probably get sea sick, but it’ll be an adventure you can tell your friends and family about for years to come! (Plus you can bring your car loaded full of wedding decorations and/or your pets – if you wanted fluffy ring bearers)…who am I to judge?A road trip home through Spain and France for your honeymoon also sounds like a pretty cool idea too right?See…I’m not crazy, in fact I may potentially be a genius 🤓

Reason 2 – THE VENUES

Now I only have personal experience of venues in the Andalucia region. And I can confirm they are SPECTACULAR!
Want to get married next to a pool? ✔️
Or overlooking the Mediterranean Sea? ✔️
Or want to enjoy a mountain backdrop? ✔️
Or do you need a spectacular staircase to make the grandest of entrances?✔️✔️
The Hotels, Villas, Churches, Cortijos, Beaches…the choice is almost endless and you’re in for a bloomin’ treat!
Have a little look at the website of my lovely friend Helen for an idea of what southern Spain can offer you… (https://boutiquespanishweddings.com)


Spain is BIG on family! Everyone, no matter what age is welcome pretty much everywhere at most times of day!
It is VERY normal to see young kids out for dinner or tapas with their families well past midnight. Now I’m obviously not suggesting you bring your children out clubbing with you of an evening, but rest assured that most establishments are accommodating of little ones.

You also don’t need to worry if you’ve got some picky eaters/people with allergies tagging along with you…Spain has come out of the dark ages! You can even drink the tap water in most places now! You’ll find that most restaurants cater for the fussyand just so you know, it is now law to have a menu stating all allergens foreach meal. If all else fails, you’re bound to find an English bar/restaurant in every town (like little specks of glitter, we get EVERYWHERE).

You’ll find that most places also offer free WiFi.

Reason 4 – THE CLIMATE

Spain has around five different climate zones due to it being bloomin’ massive (scientific fact)…Now I won’t bore you with the differentprecipitation and atmospheric pressure readings from each climate zone, but I will tell you about my FAVOURITE climate…
The Mediterranean climate. Firstly I’m going to paint you a lovely picture, I am writing this blog from my apartment in Nerja (less than an hours drive from Malaga). It is 9:30 in the evening,it is the beginning of October and it is currently 22 degrees…ok, it’s unusually warm for this time of year, but I just wanted to brag a little.
Nerja is nestled right at the far end of the Costa Del Sol and reaps the many benefits of the Mediterranean climate…did you know that the Costa Del Sol enjoys an average of more than 320 sunny days a year, making it the sunniest place in Spain (that quote was stolen directly from google itself, so must be true).


I mean that’s a selling point in itself right? You won’t have to spend a small fortune on your wedding and then another on your honeymoon because you’re already enjoying the Mediterranean climate with your whole family in one of the nicest venues, in potentially the sunniest place in Spain! Tadaaa…see what I did there?

Don’t fancy spending any more time with your family than you need to? Just stay on for a week after they’ve all gone home and enjoy some well deserved peace and quiet. You’re on to a winner!