Love is a wonderful thing don’t you think? It comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and categories. There are so many levels to love. There are no boundaries nor rules.
It is beautifully diverse, gloriously accepting and pure, it is unique to every person.

I personally believe that every single living thing on this earth needs and deserves love.
Like the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we consume, we need love to thrive.
Unfortunately, not everyone shares my (brilliant) opinion. Some people like to put limits on love…some people believe love NEEDS boundaries and rules…some say you can’t love a certain person because of their colour, creed or even their gender.
You wanna know what I think?! I think that’s a right load of old codswallop.
I think that you should ‘be able’ to love whomever your heart desires, without boundaries and without worrying what Barbara next door thinks about it all.
I believe that love in every form is beautiful and should be celebrated! After all, love is love.
Isn’t that a completely refreshing way of looking at things? (I am probably blowing my own trumpet, but I think it is!).
If I am completely honest, I wasn’t massively comfortable in calling this particular blog post ‘Same Sex Marriage’, as I don’t believe there needs to be a differentiation…if I had my way it would simply be called ‘Marriage’, and I hope with all of my heart that one day we won’t need to be so specific about love, one day we won’t have to put people in their catogorised little boxes, and we can just accept love for love regardless.
Ok, I’m off of my soapbox now, I’ll get back to what I was saying…
Now imagine you’ve found the partner of your dreams, regardless of their gender, race, blah, blah, blah…(I mean, you may not have to imagine…you may already be lucky enough to be sharing your life with someone incredible (lucky gits!))…imagine (or not) that you’ve decided that you don’t give a hoot what people think (Especially Barbara), and that you want to declare your love for each other ‘properly’ and tie the knot…

Firstly CONGRAU-bloomin’-LATIONS! I am not jealous in the slightest…not me…no siree!
You’ll need a wedding planner of course! Preferably one that is mentally in this century and shares your opinions and values…one that cares only for your happiness and for the celebration of two people in love. How cool would that be?!
Well beautiful people, I know just the Wedding Planner you’re looking for! Honestly!
There is one small catch mind you…no no, she doesn’t charge the earth! But, she is based in Nerja (Malaga, Spain). Some may call it a catch…others a bonus…I’ll let you decide!
If you haven’t heard of Nerja, then I suggest you google it right this second! I know it looks photoshopped, but it is genuinely THAT beautiful.
Not sure if you’re fully up to speed about the law over here, but ‘Same sex marriage’ has been legal here in Spain since July 2005, so it seems that more and more people are coming around to the ‘Love is Love’ idea.
You’re all good to go people!
Take a look at Helens website to give you an idea of what she can offer…or give her a message.
Her husband Simon is also in the wedding game…he is a brilliant chef and owns a caterering company. I’ll give you his website too (I am pretty darn good to you aren’t I?).

I wish you all of the love and happiness in the world guys. May your wedding celebrations go just as you’ve been dreaming of, and who knows, maybe I’ll see you around Nerja some day soon!
Peace out!